Advanced Dental

At Buie Clinic, we are committed to offering the best and most current technological options to our patients, including investing in an intraoral scanner, 3D printer, cone beam computed tomography (3D x-ray), and an in-house laboratory. Our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with the expertise of our prosthodontist, helps facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems with exceptional accuracy and effectiveness.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist for Your Oral Care?

Dr. Buie received ADA specialist training in prosthodontics, a dental specialty requiring the completion of dental school and three additional years of rigorous training and advanced education. The training primarily focuses on the restoration or replacement of lost or deficient teeth using modern and proven techniques. Prosthodontists have an in-depth understanding of the elements of a functional, natural-looking, and healthy smile.

Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner is a device Dr. Buie uses to quickly and safely capture 3D images or videos of the inside of your mouth, including the hardest to reach areas. Just as with a digital x-ray imaging, the intraoral scanner generates an instant, in-depth look at what is going on with your oral health. Using these precise images, Dr. Buie will help you understand any issues you are experiencing and will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

The 3D images captured by the intraoral scanner are also used to produce 3D impressions of your mouth, without the need for gooey or messy putty. These digital impressions are then used to fabricate quality, precise dental restorations.

3D Printer

3D printing has taken the dental world by storm, allowing for enhanced patient experience, and designing beautiful smiles with precision. Dr. Buie utilizes our in-house 3D printer to print models from 3D images captured by our intraoral scanner. He can now produce crowns, bridges, dentures, nightguards, veneers, retainers, and much more, with incredible quality, accuracy, and speed. And because our laboratory is in-house, we can quickly and accurately get even the slightest modifications and adjustments done without any delays. No more sending information to dental labs and waiting for restorations to be fabricated!

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

The revolutionary technology allows Dr. Buie to capture high-resolution 3D images of your mouth, enabling him to create targeted, individualized treatment plans. A CBCT scan is a non-invasive dental imaging procedure that utilizes specialized 3D x-ray technology and equipment to generate information with more detail than a traditional x-ray. With a CBCT scan, Dr. Buie can have a 360° view of your mouth and is also able to produce high-resolution 2D and 3D images of your teeth, sinuses, tissues, bone, nerve pathways, as well as other structures. 

CVCT scans can be used to capture images of the entire mouth or can focus in on specific areas. The images are superior to traditional x-rays or MRI scans, which only create 2D pictures of soft tissues. CBCT can perform bone scans which Dr. Buie uses for dental planning for many different procedures, including the accurate placement of dental implants.

In-House Laboratory

Unique to Buie Clinic is our in-house laboratory. Unlike most dental offices that send their lab work to mass production dental laboratories, Dr. Buie and his outstanding team can craft precise, durable restorations, allowing for quick turnaround, and a superb level of quality.  We are also able to create diagnostic wax-ups, which are like blueprints for rehabilitating the entire mouth.

Advanced Dental Technology in Midlothian, TX

Contact Buie Clinic to learn more about the advanced technology unique to our office, and how we use it to deliver outstanding care. Dr. Buie and his team look forward to keeping your smile healthy and bright. Call us today!