Dental Cleanings in Midlothian, Texas

Regularly scheduled professional cleanings are critical to maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

What Should You Expect During a Professional Dental Cleaning?

During your cleaning appointment, Dr. Buie will examine your mouth and perform the following procedures:

Remove plaque. Tooth decay (cavities) is caused by the buildup of plaque which is a sticky film containing bacteria that attack tooth enamel. The bacteria also produce toxins that inflame the gums, leading to periodontal disease. Preventative cleanings reduce your risk of developing cavities and periodontal disease. 

Remove tartar. Plaque left on teeth over time hardens and becomes calculus (tartar). It can only be removed with dental tools.  Tartar builds up from the top - down pushing the gum tissue away from the tooth over time. This can cause gums to bleed, leading to periodontal disease and bone loss.

Polish teeth. This final step removes minor stains and any remaining plaque, making teeth their whitest and brightest!

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Midlothian, TX

For most people, Dr. Buie recommends a professional cleaning every six months to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Schedule your appointment to start your mouth on a path to better health. Call us today!